The Staff

The Staff

The Owners:



Tristan "Twistys" Garnett - @Citadel_Twistys

Lachey "Eeyore" Garnett - @Citadel_Eeyore

Daniel "Mosa" Formosa - @Citadel_Mosa


The Staff:

Brad "Ozzie" Moore - @CitadelOzzie

Jarrod "Pete" O'donoghue - @Citadel_Pete

Brenton "Chinger" Everson - @CitadelChinger



About the team:

 The staff are the "behind the scenes" group who work tirelessly to ensure that Citadel operates smoothly and efficiently to bring you all the latest on our teams. They are always endeavouring to bring new and exciting sponsorships, teams and fans into the Citadel family. 


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