Sponsoring Citadel Gaming

What You Can Expect


We believe our organisation should support our partners and sponsors in as many ways as we can, to provide multiple levels of exposure to their brand. We strongly believe that respect is a two-way street, and we guarantee that you can expect complete professionalism from each of our members and representatives who display your brand.


These are some of the benefits of a partnership with Citadel Gaming:

Professional representation of all affiliated parties.

Exposure via various forms of social media including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch with a growing fan base.

Exposure of sponsors and organisation on various frequent websites in use by the teams including but not limited to:

  • - Citadel-gaming.org - our own website
  • - CyberGamer.com.au – exposure to potentially 150,000+ active members of the Australian and New Zealand competitive gaming community.
  • - ACLPro.com.au – home to the ACL national LAN circuit, major online and LAN tournaments are streamed on MLG.tv where exposure can be in the millions
  • - Gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com

Full representation of sponsors and organisations on our branded apparel range.

Promotion of your products/brand posted via various forms of social media.

Interpersonal skills within the Australian and New Zealand competitive communities where we interact with fans on a personal level including, giveaways, competitions, news articles etc.

We welcome any ideas or suggestions you have in relation to the promotion of your brand/product.



What We Rquire/Need

Here at Citadel Gaming our players on all titles have always had a strong presence online and as such we are fast becoming a top caliber LAN organisation. In regard to what we would like from your organisation, here are the basic fundamental items we believe a successful team requires to stay at the top:

High quality peripherals and gear.

Online/LAN Tournament entry fees

Fully funding (flights, accommodation) each team to every major LAN event within Australia (ACL, ESL, Doesplay etc.)

Social media coverage & support through social meida sites including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Frequent communication between the management team & organisation players (including our own players + other teams)



Although this list is made up of everything a successful team needs, we do not expect you to provide everything on this list. These are simply the things we are looking for/need from our sponsors.


If you would like to contact us in regard to sponsorship proposals you can either email us at citadelgaming.org@gmail.com or use this form Citadel Sponsorship Form